Talas Harbor Healthcare (THH) is a group of healthcare professionals from a variety of backgrounds in the industry yet connected through acute and post-acute fields. Our combined expertise in health and medical related service organizations provides an opportunity to fully understand the communities and institutions we are called to serve. The leadership of THH have over 100 years’ experience in diverse healthcare management, leadership and development.

We find that utilizing our multi-tiered healthcare talents brings an unparalleled level of expertise, experience and understanding to each specific organization. We specialize in looking at distressed hospitals from a comprehensive standpoint, including compliance, care (quality) and financial perspectives. We assist hospitals in turning around their quality indicators to increase the quality of care, maximize reimbursements and to bring about higher customer satisfaction and stakeholder comfort.

We speak the language of medical and healthcare providers and we facilitate high level community networking and overall quality improvement. Our objective is to build and establish long lasting and sustainable healthcare systems.

Our Story

A Little About Us

Our Vision

Our goal is to transform the behavioral health care experience through a culture of caring, quality, safety, and service excellence, and be recognized by employees, physicians, patients and the community as:

  • The best place to work

  • The best place to practice medicine, and

  • The best place to receive behavioral health care

We are known as an excellent community citizen, embodying an organization of people working together to do the right thing every day to improve the mental health and well-being of those we serve.


Our Mission

We work with individuals, families and communities to develop, implement and align resources, programs and policies that support the behavioral health and wellness.


Our Values: 

In the pursuit of this vision, the actions of leadership, staff and physicians are guided by the following core values:




Service Excellence


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